Tutoring Services

Free Assessments

Students can be assessed in Reading, Math, and/or Writing. Tutoring Instruction willl be based on the results of our assessments as well as recommendations and data shared with us from the classroom teacher.

One-on-one Services

We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute one-on-one sessions for students. Lessons are individualized based on skills the students need to work on most. 

Small Group Sessions

Currently we offer "Math Mastery" group sessions for Grades K-5 and 6-12. A tutor helps a group of no more than 3 students work on foundational  math skills or advance within their grade level in math.

Handwriting Skills

We offer one-on-one, 30 minute sessions focused to teaching and improving handwriting skills for manuscript and cursive. A resource list will be provided to parents for home reinforcement. Grades K and up

Homework Help

Tutors can help students with homework as well as the scheduled lesson during one-on-one sessions if parents prefer. We are fine-tuning our homework help time options for small groups, so stay tuned.

For Homeschoolers

Homeschool families can bring their children for extra practice or help with homeschool curriculum/activities. We can tutor specific problem areas as well. Session times are very flexible for homeschool families during the day in the months of September to June. We also offer testing services.

Reserving a Tutoring Session


Payment Policy/Options & Refund Policy

Our policy states that all sessions must be paid in advance at least 24 hours. Parents are not allowed to pay at the time of the session due to so many "no show" situations in the past. You may cancel or reschedule tutoring sessions with no penalty up to 24 hours before the scheduled session. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours of the session, we reserve the right to charge a $25 cancellation fee that must be paid before the next tutoring session. If your child is late to a session or leaves the session early, you will still be charged the full amount for the session. No refund or credit will be given if you do not call to cancel. You will be charged for the session using the credit card on file or with your prepayment. Education Exchange, LLC reserves the right to cancel sessions at any time and will not charge if sessions are cancelled by us. If for some reason you must discontinue sessions, you may be refunded any prepayments, minus any late fees or other payments owed.

There are several options for paying for sessions:

1) You can call us at 252-991-6668 to pay over the phone (during business hours) or request an online invoice so you can pay online. 

2) You can leave a credit card on file. You will not be charged until the session time so this option helps avoid the prepayment requirement. Remember you will be charged if you do not call to cancel. (See statement above)

3) The best option is to prepay for the next session before leaving while you are present for your child's current paid session. 

Scheduling Guidelines

It is strongly recommended that you schedule your child's session a week in advance. The majority of the tutors at Education Exchange are licensed educators that are still in a classroom. This gives the tutor plenty of time to prepare for their tutoring sessions along with their normal classroom responsibilities. Trying to schedule a session within 24 or 48 hours will not guarantee there will be a spot available nor a specific tutor available for your child.

Signing Up

You may call to schedule a time to meet with me to discuss tutoring options for your child. Once some basic paperwork is completed, your child will be ready to start.

On a Budget?

We offer discounts for those students that attend multiple sessions during the week. We also offer sibling discounts. There are also ways to save through referrals and online reviews. Some families may even qualify for Tutoring Scholarships. Contact us for more information.